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August 2020

Updated notice for all planned upcoming events

JUNE 2020

Updated t&c’s & health and safety documentation to align with new government guidelines.

Traders Information

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August 2020

Updated notice for all planned upcoming events

JULY 2020

We can officially host events and have provisions in place too meet government guidelines.

Covid 19 – Event Cancellations

Dear All

As you know we were looking to go ahead with both Thame & Sandringham Country Shows as the first two shows of the year.

Since the decision was taken to proceed, there have been local lockdowns and the possibility of a 2nd wave now, has materialised and not in the predicted winter months.

With Leicester, Manchester and more local lockdowns likely to be announced, possibly Preston, Northampton and Swindon, the differing interpretations by district councils and the reversal of some of the Governments lockdown easing measures, it is difficult to see a way forward in the near future.

So it is with regret that we announce the cancellation of all shows except Sandringham Christmas at the end of November.

We are going to submit a new show proposal for this year’s Christmas event based entirely on an open market. The main stumbling block at the Country shows and similar events was maintaining social distancing around the arenas. We plan to take the Christmas event to a market style event. We were already half way there with the redesigned Country Shows, but will refine this even further for the Christmas Show

So sorry not to have been able to get these shows on the road for you

Kind regards

Mark & Marge

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